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With April being the month of all things Easter, we have been thinking about “bunny lines” more than usual this month!  Have you heard of “bunny lines”?  Do you have “bunny lines”? Do you WANT “bunny lines”?  Allow us to educate you!

“Bunny lines”, so-named because of the way sweet little bunnies wrinkle and snuffle their little noseys, are the lines seen on either side of the top of your nose (between your eyes) that appear when you scrunch your nose up as if there is a bad smell about.  Some people naturally form these lines when they smile, and they look incredibly sweet (until they become permanent).

Another group of people who tend to display these lines more than others are the aggressive Botox-er’s.  The reason for this is because human beings are conditioned to use their facial expressions to display and convey emotion.  We are all incredibly sensitive to this and can tell within split-seconds of seeing a person’s face whether they are happy, angry or sad.  Likewise we display to others how we feel (or how we want them to think we feel) on our faces, and when we start to use Botox this kind of communication can be partially impaired.  We then subconsciously start to use muscles that we wouldn’t ordinarily use to convey our emotions on our faces, and bunny-lines appear as we use the muscles on the sides of our noses more and more.  If we can’t scrunch our eyes up when we smile we start to scrunch our noses up.  If we can’t frown in disgust, we scrunch our noses to show our disgust instead.  And so, little by little we start to form permanent bunny-lines.

The good news is that there is a cure!  More Botox!  Or less Botox?  For the most natural result you may consider toning down your dose of Botox rather than further paralysing your face, however if this isn’t enough, or if you are someone who naturally forms bunny-lines the a few units of Botox on either side of your nose is the perfect solution.  Since its not a very common movement, Botox in this area is always subtle and hardly ever noticeable to others.

By no means does EVERY person who uses Botox get bunny-lines, nor do all bunny-lines point to Botox use – these muscles are perfectly normal and we use them daily in expressing ourselves, however if they are the ONLY lines you are able to form on your face you should consider either removing them too, or holding back on the Botox a touch!

If you would like to find out more about Botox or bunny-lines do send us an email on or give us a call on (021) 6833048.  ALSO we have a new website – check it out and let us know what you think!


  • […] “Bunny lines” are lines that appear on both sides of your nose when you scrunch your nose up (like a bunny!). Many people will never have noticed these lines on their faces since they are not inclined to use this specific muscle in expression.  For those that do have these lines, eliminating them stops you from constantly looking like you are scrunching your nose up at everything! […]

  • […] Bunny lines are another telltale sign of too much Botox.  This is only really a problem if these are the only lines that form on your entire face, because then they become quite obvious.  If you are naturally someone who forms Bunny Lines, or if you only make them when you scrunch your nose up it is NOT NECESSARY to treat these!  When the rest of your face is static and the only thing that moves is your nose you can imagine how this begins to look a tad unnatural.  Once again the remedy is to zap these little lines with a splash of Botox if you are forming them too much to prevent them from deepening and becoming permanent. […]

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