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We came across an article on The Daily Mail about a woman who has made no expression for FORTY YEARS in order to prevent her from getting wrinkles!  (see the article here)

Technically this woman has got it all figured out:  using sheer will-power she has come up with an effective alternative to injectables, which she thinks is “more natural than Botox®“, (and it really has worked, check out the article to see pictures of her) but at what cost?

The article really drives home the one thing that we love about Botox® that would make us pick it over her method every single time – with Botox® you are able to make all the expression you want, while eliminating the expressions you don’t want!

Expression is such a critical part of communication between humans (the woman in the article says she didn’t even smile when her daughter was born!), and studies have shown that the more positive emotion we express on our faces, the happier we feel inside.  In fact, there is a proven link between using Botox® and a decrease in depression, which is thought to be due to a feedback loop between frowning and feeling sad.   What this basically means is that if you can’t frown anymore your brain doesn’t recognize your sadness as being as intense and your feelings of depression dissipate.

Using Botox® earlier rather than later will prevent wrinkles from forming in any patient, while still allowing them to express a full range of positive emotions, and a slightly diminished range of negative ones.  This woman has saved herself a bit of money over the years, but has not been able to laugh at a single joke, smile at her children or loved ones, or even cry once in forty years.  To us that seems like a far greater loss than the anything else the financial savings could have bought her.

While we admire this woman’s commitment to her cause, we will certainly not be taking any advice from her and will remain as committed to Botox® as she is to her blank face!

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