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Have you ever heard of the Golden Ratio?  If you’re someone with an eye for beauty you probably haven’t even realized how sensitive you are to this magic number, or how important it is in everything from designing your home to getting your lips filled!

The Golden Ratio is a ratio (duh) first known to have been used in the construction of the Pantheon in 490 BC, and is represented by the Greek letter Phi (φ).  Since the Pantheon, this ratio can be seen in countless examples of manmade art and architecture, as well as naturally occurring in nature.   In fact Le Corbusier and Salvador Dali were both known to use the ratio in their works in order to make them beautiful.  In nature the Golden Ratio can be found in the arrangement of branches along the stems of plants and of veins in leaves, as well as in many chemicals and perhaps even in the arrangement of the human genome itself, although this is somewhat controversial.

Its application in aesthetics is that this ratio is known to produce proportions that are harmonious and pleasing to the human eye.  Using this knowledge in the administration of fillers is important, especially when treating the lip.  You will notice that when you see a woman with a top lip approaching equal size to her bottom lip, or with a top lip larger than her bottom lip, you assume the result to have come from fillers or plastic surgery, whether you know this woman and the original state of her lip or not.  However when you see a woman who has full lips with a lip proportion approaching that of the Golden Ratio (meaning that her bottom lip is 1.6x larger than her top lip) you may be left wondering if she has had fillers or if she was just blessed with beautiful lips.

We are well aware that many people find a larger top lip appealing (Kylie Jenner?), and perhaps even want it to be obvious that they have had fillers as a form of status symbol, however we believe in achieving a natural result that enhances your beauty rather than making it look artificial.  If you ever consider having lip fillers, make sure that you discuss your desired result carefully with your doctor before having the injections, and if you are looking for a natural result mention the Golden Ratio so he or she knows you know what’s up!

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