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Did you know that around 7% (and possibly more) of regular Botox® users are men? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons sites a 310% increase in the number of American men getting Botox® over the past decade, and this number is growing. Before you start wondering if the men who do this are effeminate or transsexual, take a long hard look at your boss.

Although there is a general trend in the area of male grooming, with men taking a lot more visible care in sculpting their hairstyles and choosing their outfits, the evolution of the male Botox® user is probably more closely related to a dip in the economy. Studies show that people who look younger are able to generate more income than their older-looking peers. Men who have Botox® not only look better, but feel better too, giving them a competitive edge mentally where others probably will not notice the physical change.

Another factor causing men to turn to Botox® over other remedies is how quick and easy it is. With no downtime and no telltale signs after the procedure, men can have a splash of Bro-tox in their lunch-break and return to work with nobody the wiser.

In fact, this procedure is so popular on Wall Street that they have even coined a phrase for the specific “refreshed” look that men there are seeking, while keeping the wrinkles that make them look experienced and distinguished. The “Wall Street Wrinkle” refers to that “fine line” between looking youthful, refreshed and energetic and also looking like you have been around the block a few times and are established enough in your industry for people to give you their hard-earned cash.

The beauty of Botox® is that this is all possible – you can use as much or as little as you please and tailor your treatment exactly to your needs.

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