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If you’ve got any interest in beauty at all you have probably heard of the “Vampire Facial” made famous by Kim Kardashian when she underwent the procedure in front of the cameras on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  You may have noticed that besides being huge fans of waist-training and contouring, the Kardashians are also all about flawless skin.  Is the Vampire Facial the miracle treatment for perfect skin we’ve all been waiting for?

The “Vampire” part of the so-called Vampire Facial is due to the process of using your own blood to give you a facial.  Between 20 to 40ml of your own blood is drawn (in the same way that it would be done to run blood tests) and is then spun in a centrifuge (basically a fancy electrical scientific salad spinner) until all the blood is separated into 2 major parts: the red blood cells and the plasma.  The red blood cells are the discarded and the plasma which contains platelets, growth factors, stem cells and some white blood cells is kept for your treatment.  This is called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP for short.

The next part of your facial is specific to your needs.  The PRP can either be needled into your face using the Dermapen (or another needling device) OR it can be injected as “filler” into wrinkles or areas of volume loss.  Of course if you speak nicely to your doctor you may be able to have BOTH methods of treatment in one procedure.

The benefits of PRP have been known in the medical industry for longer than you would think.  It was first used in the 1970’s in cardiac surgery and the use of PRP in sports injuries and orthopaedic surgery has been popular since the 90’s.  While its use as a cosmetic treatment is rumoured to have been available in Europe since the early 2000s, the term “Vampire Facelift” was patented by an American in 2011.

The benefits when using PRP in conjunction with a needling device are 2-fold.  While the Dermapen creates controlled microinjury to your skin that stimulates your own collagen and growth factors, (read more about the Dermapen here) the PRP maximizes the effect since it too contains platelet-derived growth factors and stem cells.  The results with repeated treatments can be quite dramatic, and even after a single treatment there is a noticeable rejuvenation of the skin, with a decrease in skin laxity and pore size and an improvement in skin tone all contributing to the youthful, glowing, perfect-skin effect.

PRP can also be used to stimulate hair growth, and is far less costly than hair transplant therapy.

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