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So Kylie Jenner has finally come clean about her lips’ astronomical growth spurt, which she had previously put down to lip liner and her face maturing.  To be honest if you are really surprised by this revelation then you probably also think that Pamela Anderson’s boobs are natural.

We have to admit, that for at least 30 seconds we vaguely thought there may be some truth in the “CandyLipz” theory…we feel silly about that now.  For someone who is in the public eye so much, using a method that almost inevitably leads to bruising, and only plumps your lips for a few hours max is simply not practical.  Kylizzle aint got time for dat!  The reason we actually considered that this may be true though, is that we simply couldn’t believe that someone under the age of 18 could get such dramatic cosmetic work done!

There certainly is a place for dermal fillers in patients under the age of 18 to temporarily correct glaring defects or deformities while waiting for them to reach an age where more permanent surgery can be safely done.  And Kylie certainly did have very thin lips – by no means deformed, but thin.  Perhaps a subtle correction would have helped her cope with being the obvious ugly duckling in a family of unbelievably good looking women.  The fillers she has gotten however are SO obviously fake though!

 Kylie’s doctor has paid NO regard to the Golden Ratio, and has almost certainly used more than 1ml of filler in her lips, making her look incredibly unnatural.  In a consenting adult who specifically requests that look this may be acceptable, but in a 17-year-old who is in the public eye and clearly not ready to own up to having had cosmetic work there are ethical questions raised that simply cannot be satisfied.  To do cosmetic work on a teenager that obviously sexualizes the way that they look is also odd, to say the least.

What’s more, is that having come clean about her lips is most likely going to cause a lot of speculation around what else she has had done.  For starters her brow arch has changed dramatically over the past year or two, leading us to wonder how she has achieved that look.  No doubt the Kardashian-Jenner’s must have some highly qualified makeup artists in their constant retinue, but unless Kylie has shaved her brows off completely and redrawn them (which it doesn’t appear she has done) it’s highly doubtful that they would have floated up her forehead on their own.  Has she been dabbling in brow lifts too?

We weren’t born yesterday; we know that Kylie is neither the first nor the last teenager to get cosmetic work done, and that temporary lip fillers are safe and perhaps the least invasive of these procedures.  We also will concede that there is a place for non-invasive aesthetics and cosmetic plastic surgery in teenagers if they have had adequate counsel and consent from their parents, however there should be care taken to make sure that young patients look as natural as possible.  We are both eager and terrified to see what’s next for Kylie Jenner’s face.

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