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Since we spent a bit of time talking about Kylie Jenner’s dabbles in the mystical land of injectables, we thought it was only fitting to point out where her big sister and mentor may also have refined her appearance with the help of a doctor.

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters are all incredibly beautiful, whether you like to admit it or not, and we feel that they have done a lot for women not only by always including segments in their show that highlight how long it takes them to “get their glam on” when preparing for a day in front of the paparazzi, but also by loving their extremely curvy bodies and helping women to see that being thin is not the only desirable body-type.  We absolutely love these gorgeous girls (both before and after), which may be why we have noticed a couple of changes over the years!

Now, Kim K has admitted to using Botox and fillers and has even consulted with an aesthetic doctor on her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Having said that, she had not given anybody a list of what exactly she has had done, and so everything that we say here is purely speculative.  Also, it is apparent that Kimmy hearts laser, and since this is not our field of expertise we will not be discussing those changes that may be attributed to laser at all.

The first thing you may notice in a side-by-side of then and now Kim K is that her skin condition in general has improved dramatically over the years, with an evening in skin tone and refinement of her pores.  Kim has admitted to using Fraxel laser treatments, and who could forget her Vampire Facial episode and selfies?  We also suspect that Kim may have been using a product like Restylane’s Skin Boosters to hydrate and plump her skin.  The improvement in her skin is so important to note since it drives home the point that looking after your skin is truly tantamount to looking great.

It’s pretty obvious that Kim is a fan of Botox.  Who could forget her hilarious cry-faces when she split from Kris Humphries? Bless her.  Kim started on the Botox trend early enough that she will probably always be able to maintain a porcelain forehead and no crow’s feet, and more power to her!  Kim has amazing brows thanks to her Armenian heritage, and keeping them on point is a talent of hers.  She doesn’t ever appear to have fallen under the spell of the tweezers of the 90’s which we love!

It’s hard to find a photo of Kim where it DOESN’T look like she’s had lip fillers.  This may point to her lips actually naturally being pillowy, however the changes to her lips appear to come from rather laying off the lip filler in the “red lip” (the pink part of her lip) of her top lip and instead filling the vermillion border (the border between the red lip and the normal skin above the lip), making us think she was using a bit of filler in the early noughties and has refined her approach to them.  This gives her top lip a very defined sculpted look, rather than the voluminous Angelina Jolie look she appears to have been attempting in 2006.  The bottom lip remains rather plump.  Either way, even in childhood photos it is evident that Kim was graced with a lovely full set of lips.

The next point of attack appears to have been Kim’s nose.  In before photos from around 2006 Kim had a slight hook to her nose.  It would appear that she may have had a rhinoplasty to shorten the tip of her nose, giving it a bit more of a “button” appearance.  Whether there has been more than one rhinoplasty, or whether Kim has also been using a bit of Botox to lift the tip of her nose and slightly flare her nostrils is very hard to say, but over the years her nose does appear to have changed from season to season.

The next thing we think Kim changed was the contour of her jaw.  In a profile side-by-side Kim almost had a genetic predisposition to a double chin, and also had a much more pointed chin which now appears to have squared off somewhat.  This may have been done non-surgically with lipolysis (fat dissolving injections) treatment perhaps combined with laser therapy, or surgically with a bit of neck liposuction.  Fillers can also be used to contour the jaw line by filling areas that are irregular to smooth it.

It’s fairly obvious that Kim has indulged in more than enough cheek filler to satisfy the whole of Armenia.  The magic of cheek filler is that actually affects the entire face.  It pulls the cheek away from the mouth softening the nasolabial lines (the lines from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth), improving the appearance of the tear trough, and pulling skin away from the jaw line making it appear smoother.  In some lucky patients a bit of cheek filler can even raise the brow and the corner of the mouth!  Kim has obviously discovered the wonders of this filler and has packed in as much as she can.  On a normal person this would probably look ridiculous, but for someone constantly dealing with camera flashes this look probably saves poor Kim from having to contour before she goes to the gym.

The last area that we think has been obviously doctored on Kim’s face is her tear troughs.  In early photos even a young Kim has dark circles under her eyes with a bit of a hollowed appearance and her orbital rim (the bone under your eye) visible.  In later pictures this area is completely smooth and glides onto her cheek perfectly.

We are 100% sure that there are a lot of things Kim has had done that we haven’t picked up on…and there are probably some listed here that she would swear on Olivier Rousteing’s life she has never had done.  We think it is probably near impossible to be in the public eye as much as she is without finding something to be insecure enough about to get fixed.  We also think it’s a little bit sad that she seems to have altered all the features that made her look classically Armenian and made them look more Western and generic.  We loved how one-of-a-kind beautiful the original Kim was!  Regardless, we think Kim is absolutely beautiful and unlike Kylie is an adult who should be allowed to do with her face what she wishes!

What do you think of the changes to Kim Kardashian’s face? To find out more about non-surgical aesthetic procedures visit our website, send us an email on or make an appointment by calling (021) 6833048 ext 1.


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