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If you struggle with oily skin and large pores you most likely already know that getting rid of them is an absolute nightmare.  No matter what creams and face washes and exfoliants promise you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a treatment that actually visibly decreases the size of your pores…until now!

At CapeAesthetics we have pioneered a treatment that combines the magic of Botox®, dermal filler and the Dermapen® in a unique formulation that works miracles on large pores and oily skin!  This treatment is truly so exciting for our patients who have been struggling with their skin since they were teenagers.

Resorting to layers of thick foundation is a common solution to try to hide large pores with a technique similar to applying polyfiller to a wall.  Not only does this very rarely conceal the problem, but it also blocks the pores, causing them to become infected and producing recurrent blackheads and pimples which damage pores and further exacerbates the appearance of large pores.

The Dermapen® itself with no added formulations does shrink pores and refine the appearance of the skin, which is fantastic if you have a relatively normal skin with one or 2 problem areas and not too much oil build-up.  However we were finding that our patients who had really large pores were seeing results from the Dermapen® that were great, but not as dramatic as we would like.  Step in Botox®!

There are many off-label uses for Botox®, and Botox® mesotherapy is not an unknown treatment.  The mechanism of action is thought to be similar to that of Botox® for excess sweating, in that by applying Botox® to the pores it affects the messages sent by the nerves to the pores that tell them to secrete excess oils.  By using Botox® to block this signal the Botox® causes the pores to stop their hyperactive behaviour and due to this the pores shrink.  They also produce less oil which breaks the vicious cycle and stops the breakouts that are common with large pores.

The second component of our miracle formula is dermal fillerDermal fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a substance found naturally in the body.  HA is a moisture-filled gel that actually draws more water once in the skin and causes hydration and plumping of the skin.  Using this along with the Botox® means that not only are we getting shrinkage of the pores and refinement of the skin, but we are also injecting moisture into the skin giving it a silky smooth appearance.

By combining Botox® and filler with the Dermapen® treatment we are ensuring delivery of the product to the correct depth within the skin and we are also ensuring even distribution of the product into the areas that need it most.  The Dermapen® will still provide all the benefits for your skin that it usually does, but by adding this extra dimension we are seeing even greater results.

Things to be aware of if you consider this treatment are that there is “downtime” involved.  Using any Dermapen® treatment will result in at least 48hours of redness akin to a sunburn on your skin.  To combat this we give all of our patients a medical foundation that is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial as well as having specialized spherical molecules that allow oxygen to penetrate the skin and does not block pores.  After the initial 48hours many of our patients experience extreme flakiness in patches on the skin which last around 2 days.  Altogether you can expect around 5 days of skin issues after your treatment.  Thereafter you will look glorious!

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