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Supermodel Cindy Crawford has always been one of our favourites.  She’s managed to always celebrate her beauty, despite having what the industry would call “asymmetry” and  extra curves (!).  We have had our eye on her for some time and she seems to only improve with age.  While we know a lot of this has to do with strict diet and exercise regimes that keep her skin in flawless condition (which is really the best way to hide your age) we also suspect that Cindy may have had a little injectable help!  Here’s what we think she has done to keep her looks fresh:

  1. Botox: we see this as a fundamental part of skincare when it comes to anti-wrinkling, and would be very shocked if Cindy denied the use of a bit of toxin every now and then. We suspect she has had treatments to her forehead, glabella (the area between your brows), crows feet, bunny lines and a Botox “brow lift” to increase the arch of her brow.

  1. Fillers: It would appear that over time Cindy’s face has GAINED volume in the cheek and tear trough areas rather than lost it.  In our experience, unless there has been significant weight gain (which in this case there certainly has not), EVERYONE loses volume in their cheeks and tear troughs.  We suspect subtle maintenance to these areas using a non-permanent filler may be the secret to Cindy’s ageless face.  We also suspect a bit of filler in the nasolabial folds, but with enough cheek filling these often diminish anyway, and so are not necessarily independently treated.

  1. Thread lifts: It is hard to say whether Cindy has had any lifting done.  It would be impressive if at 49 years of age she had had absolutely no lifting with such a perfect jaw contour.  As we age and our skin loses collagen and elastin, as well as fat, gravity tends to pull things downward.  In the face this becomes evident in a few places, one of which is in the jowls.  To check for this, look at the area adjacent to the chin.  If you look at the jaw line of an aging person straight-on you may notice the chin is prominent, then just next to the sides of the chin there is an apparent dent or sulcus, and then after that a little lump of skin that bulges out over the jaw bone, causing the once-smooth jaw line to become irregular.  This used to be a very difficult area to treat, and a surgical lift used to be the only fool-proof solution, however with the development of Silhouette Soft’s fully dissolving barbed threads this area can be treated painlessly in 30 minutes in your doctors office!  It would be impossible to say whether Cindy has had this procedure or one like it, but we suspect there is more than just good genes keeping her jaw line perfect.

  1. Topical treatments: Cindy’s skin is flawless. Staying out of the sun and moisturizing will do wonders for your skin, but we aren’t sure that that advice alone will give you this kind of glow.  There are thousands of topical treatments on the market and we are sure Cindy has probably had laser treatments, peels, Dermapen and other things we haven’t even heard of to keep her skin looking that good!

We think Cindy looks absolutely sensational and will sign up for her aesthetic package any day!  What do you think?

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