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When you’re trawling the world wide web looking for celebrities who have had a splash of work done you would have to really mess up your search to not come across before and after photos of Megan Fox.  This girl probably sees her doctor more often than she sees her mother.  While we obviously love all things aesthetic, we are aware that as much as “too little too late” can be damning in terms of facial aesthetics, so can “too much too soon”, and we are a little concerned that this beauty who is not yet 30 may fall into the latter category.
That said, lets take a look at what this star has probably had done to achieve her new look.  While we work very closely with Plastic Surgeons, we are not experts in the field of surgical work but rather non-surgical aesthetics, and so any surgery that she has had we can’t reeaaalllly comment on.  We are also very happy to concede that only she and her doctors will know what she has actually had done, so feel free to disagree with us on any points we make!
Firstly, one has to note the glaring difference in Megan’s skin.  She went from an overly tanned look (very popular in the 2000’s) that made her look like she needed a bit of a scrub, to laying off the tanning completely, and we have to say we love the condition her skin is in now.  If you look closely enough you will see that Megan had a few imperfections that look as if they may have come from teenage acne, and she has managed to minimize these (although not erase them completely, which we actually love).  She has also managed to get rid of her girl-next-door freckles and now has flawless porcelain skin.  It is most likely that Megan achieved the changes in her skin with a combination of lasers, perhaps Fraxel for the scarring and IPL for the sun damage?  She also may use something like the Dermapen for a refinement in her pore size and evening of her skin tone, especially since this treatment is safe during pregnancy.
Next it seems obvious that Megan has been using a bit of Botox over the years.  As you may know, we actually believe in starting Botox earlier rather than later in order to prevent ever developing permanent lines.  The difference in our aesthetic is that we would recommend starting Botox earlier but at lower doses in younger people, to allow for maximum movement of the facial muscles, but prevention of wrinkling.  If appears that Megan may have gone full 50-year-old dosage and it makes her look a little bit unnatural for her age.  It appears to have arched her brow, giving her a much more “Mean Girl” look than her original sweet but over-plucked brows did.  We also suspect she may have had a tiny bit of filler placed just under the brow to give the illusion of a more prominent brow bone and higher arch.
Megan’s nose seems obviously different, and this may be due to a surgical rhinoplasty.  Our noses do change as we age, however this is usually limited to the cartilaginous or “soft” part of the nose.  Higher up where the nose becomes bone is far less likely to change and Megan’s seems to have narrowed over time.
Megan’s cheeks are the area that really give her visits to the doctors office away.  As we age we usually LOSE volume in the cheek area, and Megan has gained a substantial amount of volume since she became famous.  We love a good cheek enhancement and think it looks stunning, but it needs to be done subtly rather than giving you the feeling you might poke someones eye out with your newly crafted cheek bones.  A little bit of extra volume would have looked great (although unnecessary) on Megan since if we are incredibly objective (and a little bit nasty) her midface was a tiny bit flat by Hollywood standards before, however the cheeks coupled with the brow arches has really given her quite a severe look that, along with her Botox, has made her resting bitch face look a lot older than it actually is.
Megan’s lips have obviously been well acquainted with her doctor and we are also left wondering why?  While her new shape is lovely, she had perfect, full, and well proportioned lips in her before photo that would have been the envy of all of Hollywood without a single intervention.  She now has a top lip that is fuller than the bottom one, making it very obvious that these are not the lips she was born with.
Megan’s chin and jawline also appear more contoured in the after photo, and this may be with help from her doctors or it may just be the fact that she has aged 10 years between these photos.  We hope that she has left at least one part of her beautiful face alone.
Looking at these photos and realizing how much work Megan has done is quite a sore point for us.  While we love and celebrate our work as aesthetic doctors, and think that she looks absolutely beautiful despite having made so many changes, it is heart breaking that such a beautiful young girl has felt the need to make so many changes to what 90% of the human population would deem a perfect and beautiful face.  No doubt, constant criticism of the way you look doesn’t help (and we are aware of the irony of writing that on a blog post that aims to dissect her face in the first place) and she wouldn’t have made changes unless she felt her original features weren’t good enough.  In fact, we can’t remember Megan looking the way she does in her before photo, which points to the fact that she probably got more work as an actor after changing her facial features.
The redeeming part of all of this is that hyaluronic acid fillers (which are hopefully the kind Megan opted for) are 100% non-permanent, and should she wish to go back to her former self almost all the non-surgical changes will fade over time if she doesn’t redo them.  We love Megan the way she looks now, and can’t imagine her any other way, but perhaps as a mother she will soften up on the evil queen look and go back to her more natural beginnings?
What do you think of Megan Fox’s before and after?
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