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If by now you weren’t aware that Botox® is a miracle drug you have a lot of catching up to do!  From use in cardiac arrhythmias to depression, from cerebral palsy to large pores and from frown lines to squints, this stuff that you can barely see inside its 100 unit vial is probably the answer you’ve been looking for, no matter what your ailment.  The latest trend in Botox use is for sweating, but not the common complaint of sweaty, smelly pits, this time Botox is being used for sweating of the scalp!

Your first thought may be “why are people’s scalps sweating so much?”.  It seems strange until you consider that you probably know a very small number of women who don’t require a GHD or at the very least a blow dry to tame their locks, which means that each time they exercise and sweat they have to spend time getting their hair back into an acceptable state.  With a rise in the popularity of hardcore exercise classes, from hot yoga to cross-fit, women have to plan their exercise regimes around their hair washes, or vice versa depending on which is more important to them.

Step in Botox!  Botox is a well known treatment for Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, but it has only recently gained popularity as a scalp treatment.  The way this works is that Botox, being a neurotoxin, blocks the nerve impulses that cause sweat glands to secrete sweat.  By injecting the Botox superficially into the sweat glands themselves you can significantly reduce the amount of moisture produced by your scalp.  It would be nigh on impossible, and most likely unhealthy, to target each and every sweat gland on your scalp, but by injecting tiny amounts in hundreds of points onto the scalp your doctor can reduce both sweat and oil secretion enough to enable you to have to wash your hair less frequently!

While this treatment is most often not driven by medical necessity, and rather by patient demand, and is an off-label treatment not endorsed (yet) by Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox, Botox has already proven itself safe for use in Hyperhidrosis of the arm pits, and is commonly used on the head for migraine treatments and cosmetic purposes alike.

The treatment will require up to 200 injections into your scalp, and while this sounds excruciating and time consuming, the treatment is actually very quick, and while not painless it’s not as bad as you would think.  The needles used for Botox injections are some of the tiniest around, and the treatment can be compared to a mesotherapy treatment if you’ve ever had one of those.  The whole ordeal lasts less than 20 minutes.

This treatment would fall under “cosmetic procedures” and so, in South Africa (as with all cosmetic Botox treatments currently), it would not be covered by medical aid.  Of course if you consider that a treatment would cost you under R4000 and that it lasts for between 6 and 9 months and pit that against paying R300 a pop for a blow dry, or however much you spend on shampoo and hair products, or however much of your gym contract you waste by not being able to go because your hair is on fleek that day, you will probably find that the money is well spent.  (Unless you’re one of those wash-and-go girls that everyone pretty much hates…sorry)

The uses of Botox are constantly expanding, and this is but one of the uses, which has suddenly become trendy.  There are in fact studies currently underway to determine whether scalp Botox could treat hair loss, which would be incredibly exciting and useful!  We know the struggles of the frizzy-haired all too well, and how hard it is to do ANYTHING that would jeopardize a professional blow out, let alone a hot yoga class, so if this treatment gives people more freedom to become active we can’t see the downside!

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