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The day you decide to get Botox is probably a pretty emotional one.  You’ve hit rock-bottom and realized you need help.  You worry that it may be too early or too late.  You have a million reasons for wanting to do it, but none of them would stand up in the Court of Bookclub and you worry that even your doctor will judge you for coming in so early or so late.  You worry that once you start you won’t stop and soon you’ll look like an unattractive combination of Kylie Jenner and Cat Woman.  This is a Botox-user’s darkest hour.

Eventually you decide that you’ll go, but probably only to chat about your options with your doctor.  They have to be sympathetic, right?  They can’t laugh you off for wanting to educate yourself, and nobody else has to know.

Before you know it you’re in the doctor’s office and they’re saying how wonderful it is that you had the wisdom to come in at just the right time, that all is salvageable and that Botox isn’t really such a big deal.  They’ll explain that there have still been no long term ill effects discovered attributable to Botox in all the years it has been used, and in fact it has been shown to improve your skin’s elasticity and even to decrease the symptoms of depression.  They’ll explain that even one treatment can help you to break the habit of constantly frowning, and that it’s a massive myth that you will be worse off than before if you don’t maintain your Botox.  And armed with all of this delightful and positive information you will most likely decide that there’s no time like the present to treat yourself and everyone who gazes upon you.

The injections take less than a minute, and although they aren’t painless by any stretch of the imagination they are very quick and the pain doesn’t linger.  You may see one or 2 tiny bumps, red patches or bruises afterward since these are injections after all, but in my experience these are rarely severe and can even enhance the rush of having done something so naughty!

You’ll go home and spend a few hours taking selfies, looking in the mirror and not being able to walk past anything shiny without checking if anything has changed in it.  At first you keep the secret to yourself and resolve not to tell anyone since it’s not a big deal and you only did it for yourself anyway.  By day 2 you’re asking your local barista if they notice anything different about you.  By day 3 you (unprovoked) confess to your bestie/bf/mom and ask them if they can tell.  You make every imaginable expression you can in the mirror to see if you have a Botox face yet and although you feel something, there isn’t much change.  And then, just when you start wondering if this is what you made all the fuss about, you wake up on day 4 and realize you can’t frown anymore.  This is where the fun starts.

On my first day 4 I sat on my bed and took a moment to appreciate the fact that the rest of me wasn’t paralyzed.  And I don’t mean to make light of this at all – it is a truly unsettling and odd sensation being able to feel a body part but not being able to move it, even on the tiny scale of just your forehead.  I thought about Christopher Reeves a lot that day.  Paired with that feeling though was the fact that all the lines that had made me look worried, angry and tired before were now miraculously gone.  It was heaven.

Your first encounter with Botox always feels like it’s REALLY obvious to everybody around you and you spend hours wondering if everyone knows and no one is saying anything, or if no one has actually noticed that you haven’t frowned at them in 3 days.  It takes a few weeks to get used to the sensation and after that, in my personal and professional experience, you’re hooked!

It took me about a year to tell anybody that I had been Botox-ing regularly (which felt like a huge confession to make although looking back I’m not really sure why I didn’t just tell people from the start…probably because nobody asked?), and when I did even my sisters admitted that they hadn’t actually noticed!  And that’s the beauty of it, Botox can be as intense or as subtle as you like and it needn’t change the way you look at all.  You will be shocked at how few people take note of whether or not you can frown!

You should always consider your first treatment to be a little experimental.  From there you can decide whether you think you need more next time or less.  You can also see how it affects the shape of your brow and work on that with your doctor in the future too.  90% of the patients I see opt for more of the same at their subsequent appointments, but you should never be shy of working on your dose with your doctor until it’s tailored to perfection for your face and your needs.

All in all I’m sold for life.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on injectables and my opinion is that Botox is a miracle drug that keeps me flawless and saves lives on the side.  If you’re thinking about it but not quite there yet my advice would be to take your time considering your options, but don’t make a mountain of a molehill.  Botox is completely temporary and there is no harm in trying it out to help you decide whether you’re for it or against it!

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