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3.0 RA Serum | Lamelle

R 960.00

Proven safe, effective and, with only a few drops applied at night, it provides better results in treating the signs of ageing than nearly all other forms of non- prescription retinoid.

Skin benefits

- Improves fine lines and wrinkles

- Smoother more resilient skin

- Improved exfoliation

- Improved product penetration

- No risk of retinoid associated dry, sensitive, irritated skin

Main ingredients

3% Patented retinoic acid analogue

- Lipid-based serum

How to use

- Night-time use only!

- After cleansing and drying skin, apply 2–3 small pea-sized drops of the serum directly onto your skin with the dropper.

- Massage lightly to spread it over your skin and allow it to penetrate.

- Apply a NON-retinoid containing night cream over top of your serum.

- It is essential to wash your skin in the morning and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when using retinoid on your skin.

Special precautions

- As retinoids are well known for their sun-sensitising effects, we do advise that you wash off any excess product in the morning. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing an SPF of 30 or more daily.

- Stop the use of the product 3 days before and 5 days after resurfacing and other in-office treatments.

- Do NOT use during pregnancy.

- A tight feeling after the first few nights of application is a normal result and will resolve spontaneously.

- Do not use products containing ascorbic acid and retinoic acid in the same application. (Use ascorbic acid in the morning and retinoid in the evening)