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Age Repair Fusion Water SPF 50 | ISDIN

R 635.00

Fotoultra Age Repair is a triple-action anti-photoaging product that is indicated for the prevention, repair and reversing of visible signs of skin aging due to UV exposure.

It contains DNA Repairsomes™ (Photolyase enzyme) that assist in repairing DNA mutations caused by UV rays. It also contains anti-photoaging ingredients such as Lipopeptide Q10 that illuminates skin, Collagen Booster Peptide that reduces wrinkles and Hyaluronic acid that improves skin elasticity. Its Fusion Water texture provides intense hydration and immediate absorption, leaving a non-greasy velvety finish and it does not irritate the eyes.

It is suitable for atopic and sensitive skin types, it is non comedogenic and oil free, making it ideal to use as makeup base. It can be applied to wet skin and it is also sea friendly with the majority of biodegradable and/or inorganic ingredients.