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FotoUltra 100 Spot Prevent 50ml | ISDIN

R 500.00

Fotoultra 100 Spot Prevent is indicated for the prevention of sun spots (hyperpigmentation) that may occur after sun exposure, dermatological procedures and pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation is often caused by UVA rays which stimulate the pigmentation process in the skin. Spot prevent works to prevent hyperpigmentation by providing UVA protection that is 3 times higher than what is required for a SPF50+ product. It also contains Hyaluronic acid that enhances the elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles, as well as Allantoin which promotes skin regeneration, making it the ideal product to use after dermatological procedures. Its Fusion Fluid texture melts into the skin without leaving a white residue. It allows easy spreadability and immediate absorption.