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Helase Urban Defence | Lamelle

R 625.00

Helase Urban Defence 30 is a multi-functional anti-ageing product specifically developed with potent AHR blockers, plus antioxidants and broad spectrum photo protection that reduce the impact of particulate matter-driven (read: pollution) ageing, inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Our most innovative skin savior to date, Helase Urban Defence 30 also serves up full spectrum protection with an SPF rating of 30 to protect you from every form of damaging radiation. Also, thanks to photolyase, it can seek out and correct DNA damage caused by unprotected sun exposure. This is vital because, if left untreated, these can mutate and potentially cause skin cancer.

To be applied after your daily moisturiser.

Patients with an oiler skin type or those who prefer a matte finish will appreciate Helase Urban Defense 30’s lovely lightweight texture. Since it doesn’t contain any zinc or titanium dioxide, it won’t leave a white or grey cast on darker skin types.