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Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask | CurrentBody

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Our LED Light Therapy Face Mask uses only clinically proven wavelengths to reach up to 4cm of skin tissue, stimulate the cells from within. Delivering the same clinically proven wavelengths as professional salon machines, this medically designed device offers 100% safe and pain free results; without the risk of overexposure.

Embedded with 132 LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, 66 red (633nm) and 66 near-infrared (830nm) wavelengths are diffused with patented pillow technology for complete skin coverage.

Red light waves accelerate the production of new collagen, calms redness while creating an even skin tone. Near-infrared works beneath the skin’s surface to boost blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Embedded with 132 LED bulbs, clinically proven wavelengths are diffused with patented pillow technology for complete skin coverage. This innovative technology enhances the efficacy and distribution of high quality LED wavelengths.

Unlike regular LED devices with poor light distribution, patented pillow technology provides an even coverage on the skin’s surface, leaving no gaps. This allows skin cells to effectively absorb the maximum amount of beneficial light energy for the best results possible.

There are 4 factors that determine the efficacy of an LED mask; power, precision, coverage and duration.

POWER: This is how much light emits from each bulb, determining how much energy comes into contact with the skin. Too much, and the skin cells may be damaged.

PRECISION: The optimal wavelength for activating cellular rejuvenation must be precise. As different skin concerns respond to different wavelengths (visualised as colours), every wavelength must be as precise as possible.

COVERAGE: This signifies how much of the skin is covered with LED light throughout the entire treatment. A mask with optimal coverage ensures complete, even light distribution over the entire skin’s surface.

DURATION: Calculated based on the above factors of power, coverage and precision. Too short a treatment time paired with a low power density is ineffective. Too long a treatment time paired with a high power intensity, the skin may be damaged.